Connect with the Apple customer service helpline and get answers to your Apple questions. Reliable answers that resolve issues with all kinds of problems. So learn the best technical tips via Apple customer service advisors.

Apple Customer Service Number

What Apple Customer Services you Need?

Our customer service help includes both technical support and customer service queries, so call our customer service phone number. Here are some the frequently faced issues and their quick assistance.

Get Technical Services

Technical assistance includes complete troubleshooting for all kinds of Apple devices and products. Choose the right product to connect with the relevant Apple customer service team.

Apple iPad Customer Service

  • We understand how frustrating technical hiccups might be, therefore we got solutions for your all kinds of iPad issues. Contact iPad customer service specialist now.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot iPad email problems and configure a new account within a few minutes.
  • Understand the main reason for restore failure on iOS installation or updates.
  • Seamless steps that help you with both offline and online backup process. To know more on back up systems talk to our customer service team.
  • Phone a customer service advisor at your convenient time alternatively opens a new on the chat session.
  • Easy solutions that remove frozen state and iPad iOS looping issues.
  • Technical services to quickly fix your syncing issues with PC or a Mac.
  • Learn the best way to update or upgrade the current iOS on your iPad.

Mac Customer Services Phone Number

Mac computers have always been among the best and most reliable personal computers. A faulty Mac may make us sad for a moment, which is why we are here to reinstate the normal functionality. Get the most trusted Mac solutions from the team of highly experienced Apple customer service specialist, call the helpline.

  1. Speak to Apple customer service number for quickly tuning up your mac and bring the maximum out of it. The service and help care lines are open throughout the day.
  2. Avail the mac services for a team of professionals who know Mac better an anyone else.
  3. If your mac is obsolete and you are unable to install the latest operating system, so buying a new mac is not the only solution rather checking to upgrade to the most compatible is a better decision.
  4. So get the best advice that can save a lot and keep the same machine in the right shape.

iTunes Customer Support Help

No one likes to have unnecessary and unwelcoming errors and iTunes is not an exception. Which is why we can put some light on your current iTunes problems for a better solution. Our Apple customer service number can resolve a wide range of iTunes issues in no time.

  • If you are unable to open the iTunes due to the library.itl issues we have quick technical solutions.
  • Friendly advice on how to get the latest copy for your computer.
  • Best way to get your iTunes “artwork” back, consult a customer service expert.
  • The team will also help you locate a missing library and back up to avoid future loss.

Tune up Services to improve device Performance

What do not think makes your Mac go slow, it is the new operating system loss memory, hard drive space, the processor a bug or something else. Well, actually there are several factors responsible for a sluggish behaviour. So know talk to our Apple support team and know precisely the easiest way to optimize your computer.

  • More help your Mac security and which one you should install.
  • How to keep your data safe both online and offline.
  • In-depth assistance on data migration tips and back up to preserve valuable files.

iPhone Technical Assistance and Customer Care

There are so many problems we encounter on our iPhone, from example heating issues call dropping and other network loss. Lets us help you find the perfect way to resolve such issues.

  • Help to restore data from the cloud to your iPhone.
  • Email issues and support checking apps compatibility.
  • All kinds of iOS issues, upgrade assistance and services for restore or update failure.
  • Passcode issues and activation lock support.
  • Ask customer support team and learn the best way to track your lost iPhones.

In-store Customer Services

If you like to visit in person to one of the Apple authorized shops in the UK you can do so by booking an appointment, wherein you can learn about your Apple devices and for hardware issues, you can also get the repair done.

Learn Apple products one to one Online

Learn Apple products like a pro with the one to one services, which is delivered over the phone remote and chat. So talk to one of our Apple customer service specialist.

Diagnose and fix Hardware Issues

If your device is not turning on or behaving unexpected or restarts randomly due to a hardware failure, the best way to get it to check with either Apple store or one of the authorized Apple services providers.

Replace and Repair Accidental damaged Apple devices

Accidental damages cover and promise great relief from unwanted expenses. So remember to keep your Apple covered under such insurance plans because its there either repair the damaged part of replacing beyond repairs.

Send in for Repair

If you have a hardware issue and your device in under warranty, so you have two options, 1) you can either send it for mend or take in for repair after an appointment.

Customer Service Help with Buying Apple Products

There are several ways online that you can choose to get your favourite Apple devices, 1) directly from Apple store or authorized resellers, 2) other online places like official Apple website,, john lewis and many more.

Purchase Online

To buy the Apple products online you head to the official site which is or other marketplaces like, John Lewis, Amazon, eBay etc. Comparing prices easily is the best ways to know the offers you can get. Talk to the Apple customer service number.

To purchase an Apple product over the phone call 0800 048 0408.

Buy in Store

There are various Apple stores around the united kingdom including Apple authorized shops. Visit the nearest one to you.

Other Apple Customer Service Care

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Report issues with Apple Customer Team

If your queries are still unanswered and you wish to talk about other Apple-related questions then chat with us or phone directly on 0800 756 3355.

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