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0800 756 3355

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0800 048 0408

Lost or Stolen Support?

0800 107 6285

Phone Apple Support Number for issues like suspicious emails related Apple subscription or other purchased that you haven’t placed, you can either forward that email to If you have other Apple Support query, so either chat with us or contact our UK toll-free and discuss with an Apple specialist round the clock 0800756 3355. Contact Apple support phone number, one place where you can ask and discuss all Apple query. Get answers that guide you in the right direction and resolve your Apple tech issues on the spot.Apple Support

Note: This site has no association with the official Apple Inc. If you need personalised care, so ask our Apple expert. To be able to connect instantly dial our Apple support phone number.

Apple support

Apple Technical Support

Though there are no specific or restrictions on phoning our Apple care support team. One call resolution on the very first contact with our Apple customer support.

Apple iPad Support

Apple Mac Support

Expert one to one technical support and help for all kinds of Mac computers. Call and the UK toll-free phone number to be connected with an Apple mac advisor.

Mail Support

So if you have difficulty sending or receiving emails on the mac you can either ask Apple technical support team or Try these steps to fix the email problem.

apple support phone number

  1. Did you know to restart your Apple devices could rectify email problems?
  2. Mac users reboot your Apple Mac once if you still have issues talk to our Apple support phone number.
  3. The other steps include removing the account in case of an IMAP setup. POP, POP3 users must be careful, because you may lose the emails.
  4. Users with Google, AOL, Yahoo, BT non-POP account, Sky & Outlook delete the email accounts and add again.

Time Machine Support

A wonderful feature of macOS that provides cloning facility for a particular mac state. Though there are various methods to set up your Mac backup system, Time Machine is absolutely spot on. Because all you need is either a Time Capsule or an external hard drive connected with your Mac. If you are setting a time machine for the first time, you can do you in a few simple clicks.

Plug the hard drive you wish to use as time machine > open system preferences from Apple Menu on the top left > Click on the Time Machine > Turn it on and choose the hard drive. You will be asked for format the drive to ensure you do not any other data, else make a partition. Learn more on creating partitions without losing your stuff from our Apple support team.

Once set up correctly this might take several minutes to hours based the amount data in your mac. talk to an Apple expert for best help on time machine tips and care.

macOS support

Mac operating system has evolved from a long series of different versions. For eg: Puma, tiger, leopard, snow leopard, Lion, Mountain lion and Mavericks which are considered obsolete now. But we still happy you assist you with Mac OS X Lion(10.7.5) and above.

The older operating system does not support remote connections which is why we have difficulty assisting you with the software problem, however a wide range of our technical care is still in service.

Safari Support

iCloud Support

Storage Solutions

Migration assistant Support

Wifi Support

Mac Printer Support

Security and Privacy Support

TuneUp Support

Apple iPhone Support

iPhone Email Support

Frozen issues Support

Upgrade and restore Help

Wifi and Mobile data Support

Passcode Support

Activation Lock Support

Third-party Application Support

Other than all inbuilt default Mac apps we help also help organise your other apps like Adobe, Microsoft office, Jave, Silverlight, chrome, firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

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